Tuesday, February 02, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Bring on 2010!

What’s Next??

At this point, we are really contending for what God has for us in this new season as well as for this nation. Praying for a God fearing church and friends. Praying that we won’t miss what God is trying to teach us personally as we move forward into 2010.

Practically, we are saving all our pennies for a trip back to the USA in May!!! We are extremely excited about coming and getting to see you all. So, we will keep you posted on that as it approaches. Other than that, we just want to remain tender to the heart of God and be a light in this city.

Our prayer

Our heart and prayer for all of you this New Year is that you remember who we serve and who we were celebrating this past holiday season. Our God is great and mighty to be praised. He is moving and shaking and pouring out His heart on those who will wait and listen. Yearning to be intimate with us so that we can partner with him in everything that is ahead of us. Let’s be those who wait and allow the Lord to speak and move. Don’t let the distractions of the New Year keep us from remembering that and walking it out in whatever way the Lord would have for you.

We love you all and miss you heaps. Thanks for all your prayers and support over this crazy year! May the Lord pour out His love on you this NEW YEAR!!! HAPPY 2010!

Love, David, Natalie, Tre & Rhys Pidik

Contact Info

The Pidik Family
P.O Box 109,
Gordons, N.C.D
Papua New Guinea

Hm #-675.341.0450
Natalie’s mobile- 675.7628.0018
Email: davidandnats05@hotmail.com
Skype: thepidikfamily

The Family…

DAVID has been very busy since arriving in PNG. Work keeps him very busy as he is
on call a lot. But his main joy is coming home in the evenings to the boys and me. David is such a fantastic father and I thank God everyday that I have the privilege of sharing this journey called “LIFE” with him. His heart is so amazing and it shows itself daily. He has also enjoyed spending time withhis family and re-connecting with old friends here in Port Moresby and taking us on many day trips to see other areas of PNG.

As for me, Natalie, I am doing well. I will be honest; the first couple of months were hard
adjusting and just fighting my homesickness. But I decided early on that I was going to make the most of it and involve myself in everything, and I did just that. Because we had lived here before, I had a couple of friends that I was able to call and connect with. They got me involved in Mum and Tots groups, play dates and even the Theatre! Yes, that’s right Port Moresby has a community theatre! And in September I auditioned for a musical called “Wicked” it’s a behind the scenes look at the all time classic “The Wizard of Oz” and for the first time in my
life. I landed a lead role! This was a wonderful experience and allowed me to meet some really neat people and do something I love doing. But more than all of that, I am loving being able to spend time at home with my boys. Who jump all over me, want to wrestle and pull my hair, they bring me such joy. And living here has also given David and myself time out together, which I love.

The Family…

TRE DAVID is your typical first born, loves to be the boss, mainly over his little brother. He is
organized, talkative and just plain too cute for words. We just celebrated his 3rd
birthday in October. He wanted a pool party as he is learning to swim; actually, he
just enjoys wearing his floaties and life vest. But it’s really cute. Tre also had a big
change this year, he started Pre‐school.! He only attended 2 days a week at first, but loved it, and will increase his attendance next year. Tre is also my little worshipper, and is always singing. But it’s his tender heart and emotion that makes David and I proud parents.

The Family…

I mentioned earlier that we added a new member to our family this year.
Another boy, Rhys Malakai entered the world in February 2009. And now, a year later, we are spending this week preparing to celebrate his 1st birthday on Thursday....WOW! I cannot get over how fast this year has gone! Rhys is such a handsome little boy! He is a very smiley little man and looks a lot like David. He has the most precious heart, but is also very strong and
determined also like his daddy. He loves his Big brother and is constantly giving him kisses and hugs. He also loves to play with Tre. He crawls everywhere and even though I deny it, is already attempting to walk. Yikes! And just like his big brother, loves to sing and dance, play with trucks and airlplanes!

Where do we live???

This too has been a major question, as we haven’t been able to communicate with you all since arriving. Many of you wonder where we live. When we first arrived we stayed with David’s parents until our crate arrived. Once that came, we moved into our own apartment in the town center of Port Moresby. We live on a hill called Paga which means “to intercede” and we feel like that is extremely significant. We are also blessed to wake up to the most gorgeous view of the ocean. But even more than that, we overlook the gateway into Port Moresby. It’s the only entrance into the city because the corral only breaks in that one spot. So, the Lord has placed us overlooking the entrance to the city to intercede for this city and this nation. Very exciting!

And we have plenty of room for anyone who would like to come and visit…wink…wink.

How long are we planning on living overseas???

This has been the most asked question since we made our decision to move. And to be honest, it’s the hardest one to answer. Mainly because we just don’t know. David and I don’t believe that we will live in PNG forever, but at this point we don’t have a timetable. To be honest, that is probley God’s grace to us as I know that we are in this nation for a reason. And how can we fully embrace this nation if we are constantly looking at the deadline. So, we wait until God calls us to move on. That is one thing that David and I are so grateful for, that we serve a God who speaks and directs us. That he allows us to invest in His plans and I believe this just another chapter in God preparing us for what’s ahead for our family .


I am sure many of you are thinking, “Wow, that move came out of nowhere!” And to be honest, on one hand it really did, but on the other, it didn’t. David and I had been feeling that a change was coming for our family for a while. Whenever, we would talk about our future, there was never a yep, will be here. It was almost like we were living month to month. But what we didn’t expect was what actually happened, David lost his job. The company that David had work for since we moved back to the states in 2007, closed its doors. Leaving us really on our knee’s asking the Lord for specific direction.

After many failed attempts at finding a job within the USA. David came to me and asked if he could extend his search to Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). And to be honest, this was a very hard thing for me to get my head around. I mean, we virtually just moved back. But after a lot of prayer, I told David I was ok with him extending our search. No later did he emailed his resume, we heard back from three security companies within PNG, all wanting to interview David. We were both shocked! As were our families. We really didn’t expect that to happen. Then, after lots and lots and lots of prayer we made the decision to take the plunge and begin the birthing process of this very unexpected chapter of our lives.
Two weeks after that, David was on a plane to PNG to interview for each of the positions and I stayed back with the boys, and began to pack. The next month was a blur. We sold everything, shipped what we couldn’t live without and on the 18th of May I packed up the boys and what we could fit in our suitcases and left Montrose. We had decided thatsince this was all happening really quickly, that the boys and I would go to Kansas City and spend some time with my family.

Faster than you could say PNG, David had a job, and began working a week after arriving in the country. He landed a job for a security company called G4S. A worldwide company based out of England that is now operating in PNG. He is there Client Relations Manager – Commercial/Diplomatic. David did come back to the states for a final goodbye to my parents before we all flew to PNG on June 12th, 2009.

THE PIDIK FAMILY...a year to remember...

As many of you know, and have witnessed, the year 2009 has been a complete whirlwind for our family. One that even as I write this letter, leaves me speechless. The Lord has done some amazing things! It’s been a year that has seen the birth of many things for us. Starting with the birth of our son, Rhys Malakai on February 4th 2009, followed by the unexpected “international” move to Papua New Guinea in May-June and then rounding off the year seeing the Lord Birth new things in our hearts, for where we are and what we are doing. So, I thought it would be fun to take you through the past year and share how we got here, what we are doing now and what is planned for us for the New Year!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yes, we are back...

Well, again I am ashamed at the time that has lapsed between this update and the last. And for those of you who have been wondering, we are extremely sorry!

Since we arrived in the USA on the 19th of Feb, life has been anything but stable. With trips to both San Diego and Kansas City, and hoping between Montrose,and to staying with family in Grand Junction. Finding time to write has been a challenge. However, we do want you all to know, that we are doing well and we have not fallen off the planet or anything! Just know we are doing well and God is continually blowing our minds with the training he is walking us through and the grace with which to do it.

Also, David and I are working on more blog page updates which will be up soon. If you want to get a hold of us, we now have a new mobile phone set up. For that number; email us (see our "links"). And like I said earlier, I promise to
have a juicy blog update for your viewing soon!

We love you all, and for those of you who have written, thank you so much! We love hearing from you!!

Check back soon....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Coming Home - Prayer Request

Well it is less than a month till Natalie, Tré and I are due to return to the States, after having been here in Papua New Guinea for nine months. This of coarse means “Panic Stations”! Well, not quite, but we will need to grab a hold of every little bit of grace God gives for this time. It only just feels as though we are getting settled and already its time to leave. Our time in PNG has been amazing and a real growing experience, not just spiritually and emotionally, but literally. We now have one extra member of our family. Both Natalie and I are so grateful for this time, for the relationships we’ve made and the time we have had as a family, with our “PNG” family. Its going to be hard to leave.

We have started to refine our wardrobes and cull our belongings, down to bare essentials and items with emotional attachment. The thought of packing up our life here is some what overwhelming, but even greater is the thought of starting again, once we return to the States. Both scenarios amplified by the fact that we are doing it with a three month old. This in itself is a new experience, because we have never moved, traveled, or anything with a baby before. Let’s just say, “The learning curve is steep”.

The thing that weighs heaviest on our minds right now, and the reason we request your prayers, is finances. Tré and I do not yet have airline tickets to get home. We need $2500 (US Dollars) before the end of the month to pay for our airline tickets, and a total of $3500 (US Dollars) before we leave, to cover bills (in both PNG and the US) and travel costs. We know that God is faithful and is more than capable of providing, but it is comforting to know that you are all standing with us to see the provision come about.

We plan to be back in Colorado on the 25th of February, and look forward to seeing everyone soon. Once again, thank you all for standing with us. We promise to update you on any changes that may arise between now and when we leave. We love you all, and thanks again!

God Bless,

David, Natalie and Tré

P.S - If you feel lead to give financially, please make checks payable to “Solid Rock Foundation Ministries” and attach a note to specify “for David and Natalie Pidik”

Mail to:
Solid Rock Foundation Ministries
P.O Box 2149, Montrose, Colorado 81402

*All donations to Solid Rock Foundation Ministries are tax deductible within the USA.*

Tré David Pidik

Tré is doing really well…Growing like a weed and still just as cute as ever. He is now 13 weeks old (3 months). Time sure flys…even though it was 3 months ago that we were wondering what parenthood would be like. I now, can no longer imagine my life without him and I know David feels the same. He is really chatting and I think we will be experiencing a laugh soon. He is really trying. The morning is our time to play with Tre; before we get on to the days tasks. We sit and play with him until his nap time. It is a highlight of our day. He will sit there and tell us all sorts of things; from his dreams to how happy he is and of course, how much he loves his mom and dad. Not to mention giggling the whole time and smiling his little heart out. We are having a blast being parents and enjoy our times with him.

More updates, but still no photos...sorry!

We are still having trouble uploading all the neat photos...corresponding with the updates below. As soon as we can get them up, we will let you know. Check ou the most recent updates below, begining at "Calling forth the Warriors".

We will also be updating you our plans for moving back to the States...check back with us in the next couple of days! God Bless...

Natalie's Permanent Residency for Australia

Some of you may already know that earlier this year Natalie and I were praying about whether Nats should apply for Permanent Residency for Australia. It’s something that made sense in our minds, but whether or not it was what God wanted; we needed to find out. Both Tre and I are Australian citizens and we thought that Nats having Permanent Residency would be a wise move. As you could imagine such an undertaking was going to cost a fair bit (money we didn’t have), and we didn’t know how long the whole process would take. To be honest, after giving it much thought both Nats and I were a little overwhelmed by the idea and had resigned ourselves to the fact that if God wanted it, He would make it happen.

Much to our surprise one afternoon my mother returned home from work (she works at the Australian High Commission) and mentioned that her boss, after hearing about Tre’s birth, asked if Natalie was an Australian Resident. She explained to him that we had only just moved to PNG from the USA and we would only be here till Feb 07’. He then told mum, that Natalie, being the wife and mother of Australians, should not have any trouble qualifying for Australian Permanent Residency. He then went on to say that we should apply while in PNG, so that when we stop in Brisbane, on the way back to the USA, it would activate her new status. The Australian Gov’t only requires Permanent Residence to make an entry into the country once every 5 yrs (minimum). Again, it all sounded great in theory, but there would still be the small issue of finances. So, both Natalie and I prayed and again gave it back to God.

A couple of months later mum came home from work and again said that her boss asked about whether or not Natalie was going to apply for Permanent Residency. This was coming from a person who I had never met before and had more pressing things to think about. It was at that stage that we had an inkling that this was on God’s heart for our family. But again…no finances! So, again we gave it back to God.

After having tossed the idea around with a number of different people we were approached by a family who felt that they were to pay for Natalie’s application. Talk about out of left field! We were floored. We explained to them that it was going to be a LARGE chunk of money, but they explained they were coming into some money and felt that they were to give it to us. As it turns out the amount they felt to give was 16 Kina (PNG currency) short of the amount needed. This gave Natalie and I the opportunity to sow into the future that God has for us, buy paying the additional 16 kina.

Needless to say, we were on top of getting Natalie’s application in ASAP (with a lot of help from charity who sent us any documents we needed from the states). We again prayed that God’s will be done as we lodged the application with the Australian High Commission, and left it at that. To our surprise we were called on January 5th, to attend an interview, on the 9th, with an Australian Immigration Officer. This was to be the final step in the application process. The interview lasted no longer than 20 minutes and at the end the officer explained that Natalie was granted Permanent Residency, and would receive her papers by the end of the week.

We still to this day have no real plans to return to Australia to live, at least in the short term. All we know is that God wanted us to do this, and we were obedient. As with everything in our lives, we have given it back to the Lord.

2 Years and Counting!

Yep…it’s true! David and I have reached our 2nd Wedding anniversary! Isn’t that crazy! It seems like yesterday we were hauling 100 Christmas tree’s into the church…hahaha! I have to be honest, it kinda snuck up on us…I know that sounds horrible, but we have been so busy with outreach and stuff we almost forgot to celebrate our special day, which is January 8th.. But don’t worry…we didn’t.

However, we were unable to celebrate on the actual day. Not because we didn’t want to, but we couldn’t. Tre was due for his 2mo. Immunizations that day and I had my interview for Perminant Residency for Australia (more details to come). Don’t worry we only had to wait a day. And funny enough, even though it was the 9th here it was the 8th in the USA. So, it all worked out!

Originally, David and I had planned to keep it simple, and go out for a nice dinner, that sort of thing, but that afternoon, David’s parents rang saying they had booked a hotel room as their gift to us. We were so excited! So, we ran home, packed our things and headed down to the hotel. You guys, this place was so beautiful! I wish I had time to explain every detail about this place, but it would take to much time, just know we were extremely blessed. That evening, Liz came to the hotel to watch Tre while we went out for dinner…again very nice. The next morning, we decided to have room service, because I had never had it before and I was hungry. That was a great idea, it was just as fun (and yummy) as I thought it was going to be.

Anyways, all this to say, we had a wonderful day celebrating our marriage. We are continually blown away at all that God has done, not only in David and me as individuals, but as a couple. Thank You all for standing with both David and I throughout the past 2 yrs and some of you even longer. Your friendship and prayers are such a blessing!

Eda Ranu - Our Water

While we were on the Christian Radio Station, an employee of Eda Ranu (translated - Our Water), our local water and sewerage company, called in and invited us to their weekly lunch time fellowship. We said, “We would love to”, and that sealed it. He called us back after the show and organized for the company bus to come and pick us up at 11am the next day. It was a really answer to prayer because as Natalie and I were praying before the team got here, we both really felt that we were to pray and worship at Eda Ranu (over the water), but did not know how to go about it. tNats and I just prayedhat, if it really was on Gods heart, he would make it happen. I guess it was really on God’s Heart. Our time with them was truly a God thing! David Tabor had a word for those in attendance (mostly men), and it was spot on. It was just a really nice time. They treated us to lunch afterwards which was special.

Hula or Bust

The Team was also able to travel about 2 and a half hours by road to Hula; a village down the Central Province coast, and spend the night. The team stayed with Jaga’s family, and had times of ministry with the Four Square Church in the village, and an open air outreach. The next morning some of the team jumped in a boat and traveled to Geoff’s village to see his Grand Parents. It was a really eye opener for the Team, I think?

High, High Places

The Teams stay in Port Moresby also consisted of times of strategic Prayer and Worship; targeting high places and areas that God had laid on our hearts. It seemed the airwaves were on Gods heart too because we were also invited to be on the Christian Radio Station. The Station broadcasts nationwide so it was a great opportunity. We were able to share what was on our hearts for Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guineans, and our vision for “Calling forth the Warriors”. After the initial interview we were invited back to do a “Live on Air” worship time and talk back show the next day. During that time, people were calling in crying, saying they were encouraged, asking where they can buy our CD…..it was really encouraging to us, and another God ordained time.

Worship Together

Since Natalie and I moved to Port Moresby in June of 2006, we have been involved with our church Worship Team and Youth Group, so it made sense that, whilst our Worship Team from the States was here, we should all get together. I mentioned it to both Worship Leaders and the idea was met with enthusiasm. Having the go ahead, we set it up. We ended up meeting at our house for a worship time which started at 7.00pm and went till after 11.00pm. Needless to say, it was an anointed time.

Both Worship teams met again the following night at Boroko Baptist Church for a worship time that was open to anyone. It was again, a really great time. I think the thing that struck me the most, was the time both teams spent just relating. The SRFM Team came to PNG, not necessarily as “missionaries”, but as members of the body, to hold up the arms of the body here and encourage them to rise up; and I know that it was received in that heart too!

Man shall not live on bread alone…

During their time here we had the opportunity to come along side the Boroko Baptist Church (the church Natalie and I attend), to assist with an outreach they have to the AIDS ward at the Port Moresby General Hospital (POMGH). The Church provides lunch for the patients in the AIDS ward every Wednesday, so we went to help prepare the food, after which we all jumped in the back of the church truck and took the food to POMGH. We distributed the food whilst also taking the opportunity to ask if we could pray with the patients as well. After giving the food out we were able to have a time of “worship” in the ward; putting God in his rightful place and proclaiming “LIFE”. It was an exceptional time, with patients and staff from other wards coming to join us.

Calling Forth the Warriors

The Solid Rock Foundation Ministries, “Calling Forth the Warriors” Outreach team from, Montrose, Colorado, have come and gone in a flash. They are currently in Lae, after being here in Port Moresby for 2 weeks. The Team arrived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on Monday the 1st of January 2007, and left for Lae on Saturday the 13th. Sadly, Natalie and I didn’t feel that we were to continue with the team to Lae, which was really difficult. Natalie and I, as a lot of you know, are “Die Hard” “Outreachers”, but this time, after much prayer, discussion and council, we felt that we were to stay in Port Moresby. That aside, our time in Port Moresby was really good, and we believe God’s purposes were accomplished.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Photos and Updates to come...

We had a little bit of trouble uploading all the neat photos...corresponding with the updates below. As soon as we can get them up, we will let you know. We will also be updating you on Outreach and our plans for moving back to the States...check back with us in the next couple of days! God Bless...

Gomo gomo

A Gomo gomo is a traditional Tolai (my fathers people group) ceremony, during which the first born child of the families first born son, is brought out of the family home and presented to society. It is a celebration of the child and the continuation of the family line. It is also significant because when the child, in this case Tré, is presented to society as a member of the family, in this case the Pidik family, the child is seen to have the authority of the family and entitled to the family inheritance. Tré’s Gomo gomo was especially significant because he is the first born son, of the first born son, of the family patriarch (my father); which means Tré is in line to be Chief.

On the morning of the Gomo gomo, the stage was set for a pretty big occasion, that is until it began to rain. Thankfully by the time the Gomo gomo was due to start, the rain backed off considerably to a light sprinkle. In hind sight, the rain was a probably a blessing because it cut down on the number of those in attendance; which had the potential to be overwhelming.

All in all, it was a great day. The Solid Rock Outreach Team was here, so it was neat that they were able to be a part of all the festivities. We had all the girls in “Meri Blouses” and the boys in “Lap laps” and carrying Tolai baskets; which we had flown over from Rabaul (where my father is originally from; an island off the coast of the mainland). My family was excited to be able to honor them as representatives of our American family, which they did in our traditional way, by giving them all “Tabu” (our traditional shell money).

It was also a great opportunity as Tré’s parents to pray blessing over Tré and declare the inheritance he has as Gods son. As in most cultures, the day culminated with the sharing of food; in PNG a “Mumu” (food cooked with hot stones in the ground).

It is traditional in Tolai culture that after everything has taken place, the hosts show there appreciation to all those who made the occasion possible, again by distributing “Tabu”. Nats and I did this the following night.

New Years 2007

Our New Years Eve this year was pretty tame. We went to bed early and when the clock actually did strike 12.00 am, and triggered celebration throughout the city, Nats and I found ourselves wishing everyone would keep it down so that they would not wake Tré. Oh how things change, with children.

New Years day was fun though. We went to lunch with Mum and Dad and my younger sister Katherine at the Airways Hotel. After lunch we went for a swim and hung out by the pool. It was nice.

Christmas in the Tropics

As I am sitting here I have to giggle, it would seem that I am the holiday queen. Again, I am sharing about another holiday, Christmas. The good new is, I love it and love sharing with all of you…I just had to chuckle.

Christmas was great! It actually snuck up on all of us. Once Tre was born, days just seemed to fly by. The next I knew it was December 25th, and I couldn’t believe it! I really hate to repeat myself, but again, Christmas was a whole new experience. It was the first Christmas that I wasn’t home and with my family, it was Tre’s first Christmas, our first Christmas as a family in PNG, and then there was no snow… it was the opposite, extremely HOT!!! Talk about everything being new! And this comes from someone who hates change, but I can honestly say, that in the midst of all this, it was absolutely wonderful.

This holiday, it was David’s family turn to shared there traditions. Such as decorating the house and Christmas tree, watching “Carols by Candlelight”, on Christmas Eve, going out for Christmas lunch and just spending time as a family. David’s younger sister Katherine came up from Brisbane for both New Years and Christmas, and as always it was good to see her. We even slipped in a pedicure, which for girls, is always fun. Tre took to the “present” thing well…being the newest addition to the Pidik family he was adorn with gifts galore. I must say, It was more fun to help Tre with his presents than receiving them. We loved it! The whole day was restful, and joyous. Even though I was thousands of miles away from the familiar, the best part was not only to spend it with David and Tre, but to focus on one thing, the birth of Christ.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thanksgiving in Papua New Guinea

As we have mentioned in past entry’s this was a year for changes. Some were big, and others were a chance to experience things in a new way. That was the case for this past Thanksgiving. As American’s I think we forget which holidays are strictly American and those that aren’t, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays. However, I love thanksgiving! And it’s not just because it’s fun, or that we get to watch the parade on TV, football in the afternoon, and getting together with friends and family to eat, which is always highlight. I love the fact that a whole day is set aside to reflect on all that God has done, and what we are thankful for! I know that so many times throughout the year we forget to take the time.

All that being said, this thanksgiving was a new experience. Not just for me, but for everyone here. We decided to do a traditional thanksgiving dinner. Liz wanted me to so things just like I would if we were home. She had said, “I’ve always wanted to experience a real ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’” So, I obliged. We did the whole shebang…even my family’s famous green jell-o salad. It was a blast, we decorated the table and reflected on all that we were thankful for. It was also Tre’s first Thanksgiving, but he never made it to the table…he was wiped before it even began… oh well… there is always next year! Finally to wrap up our thanksgiving, it was the hottest thanksgiving ever, and after spending all day in the kitchen, both Liz and I were dripping with sweat, but the experience, food and fellowship was great! One I will always remember…

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ministry Entry

It has been difficult and some what discouraging over the past couple of months, feeling as though we were not getting anywhere with regard to “ministry opportunities”. People had seemed to be a little stand-offish, even bordering on apathetic, and to be honest it was all getting a little frustrating. However, in the last couple of weeks we have finally seen doors opening and relationships forming. I guess in typical PNG fashion; people have been standing back and observing the way in which Natalie and I relate, with each other and other people, and just generally trying to work us out. It is a very Papua New Guinean “thing” to relate to new people by initially being “diplomatic”, so as not to offend anyone, whilst continuing to observe them. Once they feel safe with you, then they will allow you to integrate into their lives (I guess, you could kind of equate it to being quarantined). It is kind of amusing because, looking back; I know this is how I related to a lot of you when we first met. I guess coming “home”; I didn’t expect to be viewed as an outsider. Then again, I know that I am not the same person now, as I was when I left three years ago.

Natalie and I went to Waigani United Church Youth Group on Friday night and met the youth leader, who by chance, I know. It is funny because when I knew him, he was anything but a “Christian Youth Leader”. We had a really good time and they seemed like a really hungry bunch of young people. This Friday night Natalie and I have been invited to meet with youth leadership of Boroko Baptist Church, and I spoke with the new youth leader earlier on in the week and he seemed to be a really good guy and was really interested in what Natalie and I have to say. We also met another young American couple that are here Pasturing the Church of Christ here in Port Moresby. We had dinner with them last week and had a really good time. They are a black American couple from Virginia and have to young boys. When we first met them and they said they are from the “Church of Christ”, I automatically thought….. Mormons! And Nats thought…..the religious church her mum grew up in. We were glad when we came to discover they are neither Mormon nor religious.

It is exciting to see God going before us, and His plan and order being laid out for us. I think for a while there I was hoping God would conform to mine.

Tre News: 32 weeks and counting...

Well again, I get the privilege of updating you all on my pregnancy. It’s so hard to put everything I’m feeling in an update, but I will do my best. I just wish you all could be here to see for yourself. It so far, has been a beautiful journey, a walk that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Even though it’s been one of the most challenging experiences I’ve yet to face. It’s caused me to run into the arms of Jesus more than I have before. That makes it all worth it… I am now 32 weeks (on the USA Sun.) and it seems like time has flown by faster than I anticipated. When you think of nine months, it always seemed like an eternity away, but here I am with only 2 months to go and I am in awe at how fast it’s come.

Tre is doing great, very active and moving constantly. He is growing at what seems to be a daily rate and consequently, so am I. Making adjustments for this ‘big’ belly has been interesting. Our newest delight has been Tre recognizing and responding to David’s voice. Watching them interact has been the most precious sight ever. For example: If Tre is kicking and needing to calm down, David talks to my belly and within seconds Tre is calm. It’s amazing! David loves his times with Tre, and can’t wait to play with him in person.

Many of you have e-mailed us asking how things are going with hospitals, doctors ect… and I have to be honest; it’s taken some adjustments. We have been really happy with our doctor and are thankful he’s a devoted Christian, but they do, do things differently here, which is not always a bad thing. I think once you realize that you can’t put American standards, on a third world country, it’s a lot easier to handle. So we are learning to roll with the punches and embrace each step. We have an ultra sound next week to confirm our due date. We can’t wait!! Other than that, we are just counting the days till Tre is here, while putting the final touches on his room.